25 & 26 March 2020

LYON - Matmut Stadium

8th edition


Information about the Pitch Innovation session in 2020 will be soon available.

Please discover hereafter the pitch competitors during last edition (2019).



Kelly Scientifique & Lyonbiopole  led the innovation pitch session in 2019. KEJAKO won the Medi'Nov 2019 Innovation award with its non-invasive solution for interested presbyopic patients seeking to keep their quality of life through the compensation of visual accommodation decay. 



BioMeca® SAS is a company from Lyon  created in November 2016, currently located on the Gerland site (Lyon 07). Its advanced technology is capable of measuring mechanical properties and producing high-resolution images of biological samples. BioMeca® also has the ability to study the behavior of an organism and its constituents in response to the constraints exerted by the physical, chemical or electromagnetic environment in which it evolves.


At the forefront of bioimpedance research, BioparHom designs, manufactures and markets medical devices for body composition analysis. The fields of application are varied and the performances of the devices prove to be valuable in diagnostic, clinical and scientific phases. Our goal is to provide health, nutrition and sports professionals, as well as researchers and veterinarians with the most reliable measurement and diagnostic tools possible in terms of body composition data (tissues, fluids and metabolism). We mainly address to the health (nephrology, oncology, geriatrics…) and nutrition (medical nutrition, dieticians, nutritionists, doctors…) markets.


The company has developed a robot and its software to perform hands-free complex body care, in companies, adapted in real time to the morphology and pose of the employee. The first indication targeted is therefore the rachialgie.


Presentation of the MIT’Rep Medical Device, designed to repair the mitral valve in minimally invasive surgery (class III).



Winner of the Medi'nov 2019 Innovation Award

Addressing presbyopia in the field of ophthalmology, with an anti-aging mindset in order to treat the gradual loss of visual accommodation. Developing a non-invasive solution for interested presbyopic patients seeking to keep their quality of life through the compensation of visual accommodation decay. Our promise, unlike any other existing surgical solution, is to delay the need for reading glasses without compromising the patient’s quality of vision. Potential to become the next generation standard of care in personalized ophthalmic anti-aging medicine.


Kiwifab develops connected health products and services to facilitate treatment and the proper use of medicines. We have designed Ki-Di, a smart pills dispenser that allows to plan and secure drug intake of complex treatments.


Laclarée is a start-up company developing novel eyewear solutions for presbyopia correctio


The company is developing two applications: MIA Confort and MIA Healthcare, both offering a platform to improve pain management. For the patient, it would be a “self-measurement”mobile application. 


As an exchanges platform dedicated to decision-makers in the medical industry since 2013, MEDI'NOV CONNECTION has become an must-attend meeting offering to medical actors (equipment manufacturers, medical devices manufacturers and subcontractors) to participate in a program of networking and conferences related to the innovations of the sector.


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