9 & 10 September 2020

LYON - Matmut Stadium

8th edition


The list of exhibitors for 2020 will be soon available.

Please discover hereafter the exhibitors of last edition (2019).




Stand N° 34

3D-Medlab is an engineering office specialized in supporting health professionals in the mastery of additive manufacturing. Our activity is exclusively dedicated to the development of 3D printing in the medical field. It mainly concerns 3 sectors: Industrial (manufacturer of medical devices who want to develop new product lines by additive manufacturing or who want to be supported in the development of their 3D printing activity) - Hospital (simulation center, surgeons and healthcare establishments wishing to integrate additive technology into their structure: to develop anatomical models, customized cutting guides, adapted and / or disposable ancillaries, customized implants) - R&D (Research and studies of new materials and 3D manufacturing processes for the development of innovative and futuristic medical devices).




Stand N° 60

World leading supplier of advanced high density 3D microelectronic products for industrial, medical and space applications. Achieving a combination that cannot be realized with monolithic System-on-Chip (SoC) approaches, 3D PLUS SiP stacks are more effective and have also a lower development cost and a faster time to market. Our State-of-the Art stacking technologies for SiP allow us to bring the best standard semiconductor devices and technologies in one single highly miniaturized package. Thanks to our 3D technologies, we are able to merge heterogeneous technology (Die – package – Sensors - Passives) in a single module. By integrating your design, you could dramatically save space on you PCB. The electrical signal performance is also improved due to the short distance between the component (sensor to AFE, High Speed signal). We provide a one-stop source for customer’s concept analysis, feasibility study, design, manufacturing and test of High Reliability and High Performance SiP.




Stand N° 30

3D-Side is a medical technology company, spin-off of the UCL University, which took up the challenge to link surgeons to 3D technology! Thanks to 3D software, additive manufacturing and strong knowledge of the surgical field, 3D-Side set up a complete ISO13485 workflow to plan complex interventions and provide surgeons with cranial implants or advanced solutions for bone surgery. After years of industrialization and with the aim of being efficient, improve traceability and get high satisfaction from customers, 3D-Side developed Customize, a web-based Software as a Service solution (SaaS) to solve those challenges. 3D-Side’s products have already proven the platform efficiency by making their processes much more efficient, holding out the same promise for the working practices of other manufacturers.

 >  Innovation : Customize is a scalable web-based platform through which medical companies can use to be assisted in every step of their workflow: from the patient’s data transfer (from the hospital to a secured server) to the delivery, under ISO13485 to ensure the quality of the medical devices. It is a licensed software, working on a subscription basis and centrally hosted. 3 modules permit to optimize the production: Interact with the surgeon, Create in an efficient way medical devices and finally Supervize its production.




Stand N° 99

Through the passion and expertise of our people, BSI embeds excellence in organisations across the globe to improve business performance and resilience. We ensure patient safety while supporting timely market access for our clients Medical Device products globally. We provide our customers with thorough, responsive, predictable conformity assessments, evaluations and certifications that are recognized and accepted worldwide.




Stand N° 2

Advantech provides a wide range of customized medical certified computing solutions. Our product portfolio includes medical computing systems, medical panel PCs/AIOs, medical tablet PCs, and also fitness computing consoles. With strong customization capability and experience in medical grade systems, Advantech's Medical Design and Manufacturing Service department not only deliver qualified medical computing products to our customers but also act as the strategic & innovative partner for medical customers.




Stand N° 69

AEM is a French company located in the Lot. Around its core business, electromechanics, AEM has developed a network of complementary skills : Assembly of connector subassemblies - Integration and testing of electromechanical subassemblies - Electrical and ultrasonic compaction (1 to 25 mm²) - Low pressure (Hot Melt) and high pressure (PU / PA / TPE) overmoulding - Overmoulding and sealing cables connectors and printed circuit - Enclosures and cabinets wiring - Machine design and automation for all types of overmoulding and technical bonding We work in partnership with major contractors for the study and industrialization of specific products: electrical equipment manufacturers or subcontractors in automotive, medical, aeronautical and military and agricultural fields. All our customers recognize and certify our know-how.




Stand N° 78

Alain Guelpa Concept (AGC) is a company located in Arbent (01), specialized in the design and production of technical products and plastic parts in small series. It implements an adapted and personalized study of the projects, a support going from their genesis to their final manufacture. 

 >  Innovation : Printing Injection Process. 




Stand N° 55

As a leading multi-sector EMS, flexibility and responsiveness inspire the ALL Circuits teams every day. Our commitment is to design, industrialize and manufacture high-quality electronics, assisting our customers from the design phase through to the analysis of customer field returns. Our group is at the forefront of innovation and uses highly automated lines to offer a tailor-made EMS service, delivering globally: France for large, small and medium volumes, Tunisia for high value-added products and Mexico for high volume production serving the Americas. Our four plants, with a strong automotive & industrial mindset, build on their complementary expertise to guarantee the highest quality

 >  Innovation : Conformal Coating & Potting - Laser & Ultrasound plastic welding -Automatic assembly line.




Stand N° 17

APLUS Système Automation is one of the leaders in the French industrial computer industry. Our teams and our regional offices have expanded knowledge of multiple business applications in the areas of distribution, defence, security, health and industry at large.




Stand N° 39

ASICA - SICAP is specialized in the design and manufacture of electronic boards and assemblies particularly oriented to medical devices (Class 1,2 and 3). ASICA - SICAP offers a global offer or an à la carte service to its Clients: from the design (integrated R&D department of 10 people) to the manufacture of their electronic products (latest generation production facilities' Industrie 4.0' in a 600m² room under controlled environment - ISO 14644). This offer includes hardware and software studies, design, routing, industrialization, prototyping, then purchasing, manufacturing, testing, varnishing, integration.

 >  Innovation : Communicating devices oriented to the medical field (Lora, Sigfox, GPRS, Bluetooth, RF,...) - Multi-sensor Lora connecting watch - Medical ventilation / medical reanimation devices - Incubators for premature babies - Holter ECG and sleep apnea - Electronic cards for the field of dental radiology - Laser healing device - Vision restoration system - Surgical manipulator robot - Power LED lighting - Surgical tool.




Stand N° 14

ASMOLDING France offers you its expertise and know-how in the design of plastic parts and the manufacture of molds for the production of injected plastic parts : Esthetics parts, functional parts, technical parts, complete products, mono-materials, bi-materials (for seal or facade glass), overmolding inserts, light transmission (lighting), plastronics, mechatronics, multi-cavities, connectors, EMS boxes, IoT, coating / resealing electronic boards. ASMOLDING has a study office for co-design,  materials choice,  mold design, plasturgy and a Molds workshop for series production molds, technical molds. The company supports you from the initiation of the project (prototype part, part for testing, demonstrator, test différents material, development of a functional unit, prototype molds, small series molds) and has its own trials center with 7 injection machines. Finishing on parts : sanding, graining, engraving, pad printing, painting, decor, assembly.

 >  Innovation : Industrial solutions to reduce tooling investments according to the volumes to be produced (small series) without degrading the product.




Stand N° 38

AXE develops and manufactures medical devices from start to finish in the product design life cycle : Research, development & Project management, Robotics (mechanical products which move, count, cut, code, control and measure), Assembly & Integration (production of biopsy tools and fully tested Rx radiography equipment’s and surgical robots, Precision machining and Sheet metal working. 





Stand N° 64

A major French player in the custom electronics segment, CATS POWER DESIGN designs, redesigns and manufactures tailor-made electronic systems to meet its customers’ most specific needs throughout the lifecycle of their products. We offer a solid experience on the Medical market, which accounts for over 40% of our turnover. Our process is ISO 9001v2015 certified. Since 1995, our HW/SW and EMC engineers have serviced Tier-1 customers (NDA) with solutions such as energy conversion systems, motor drivers, process-boards, ECUs, communication systems and embedded software. CATS POWER DESIGN manages flexible production lines in France and in low cost areas to guarantee a perfect cost optimization. Our firm joined the international EIGHT LAKES group in 2015, which specializes in electronics and mechatronics.

 >  Innovation : Medical system meeting EN 60601 and EN 62304 standards: this complete solution features an autonomous system supported by Li-Ion batteries; wireless inductive charging (QI standard); SOC battery management; consumable parts identification and securitization with RFID/NFC Tag connectivity (NFC Tag molded into the consumable part); Bluetooth connectivity for setup configuration; Android App; DC motor driver with incremental encoder; capacitive slider interface and OLED display. System developed in collaboration with two other expert firms (MDP, PLASTIBELL).




Stand N° 58

CENTRALP, expert in design & production of high-performance & sustainable electronic systems is ISO13485 certified. With our electronics, software & mechanical R&D departments, our qualification team, our electronic boards production & final assembly units, we develop & manufacture solutions following 60601 & 62304 standards. We provide solutions for monitoring, care, imaging, surgery or labs systems with: electronic boards, DMIs, Power supplies, cables & mechanical components, COTS Integration, …




Stand N° 6

CENTUM ADENEO offers engineering services (consulting & contract-based development) and Build To Spec activities (product design on specifications) with more than 400 professionals (85% of engineers) and 38M€ gross sales. CENTUM ADENEO handles Electronics, Electrical engineering, Analog, digital, Power electronics, Power supply, Software, FPGA, Electromechanical and Packaging engineering, Electronics CAD & industrialization, thermal analysis & robustness, test & measurement engineering in harsh environments such as the Aeronautics, Defense, Railway, Medical, Industry & Energy and Automotive markets. At Centum, our engineering and manufacturing teams have worked on a variety of medical devices and equipment that include digital radiography systems, automated pump for drug injection, ultrasound equipment, patient monitoring devices, customized room controls for operation theaters among others. The company is ISO13485 certified.




Stand N° 1bis

Design and manufacturing of components from ultra-hard materials such as advanced ceramics (zirconia, alumina, silicon carbide, silicon nitride) porous ceramics as well as synthetic sapphire and ruby. Shaping of ceramics with single and double action mechanical presses as well as isostatic presses and CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding), ecc. Subcontracting in thermal treatments and polishing of all types of materials (ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel, etc.).

CIC-IT de Lille | OPTImUm Project



The OPTImUm project was born from the need of health professionals from pediatric emergencies of the CHU Lille to facilitate the management of patient sorting. A co-design involving ergonomists, computer scientists, doctors and nurses was set up. The goal was to create a sufficiently intuitive tool that would allow to have a global view of the service but also to indicate to the health professionals which patients to see in priority. An indicator of "tension" was developed and validated through a retrospective clinical database of 3 years. The technical challenge of this project was to recover information in real time without double data entry for professionals. The Optimum project won the Dusserre award and was finalist of the e-health trophies in Castres in 2017.




Stand N° 25

European specialist and leader in parylene coating. Parylene is a highly technical coating that is ultra-thin and transparent, physically and chemically neutral, inert, biocompatible, insulating and protective, of a thickness that can be sized both easily and precisely (from 50 nm to 100 microns). It is totally uniform, pinhole-free and can be applied to small technical components. One of its most remarkable advantages is its form-fitting and penetrating nature.

 >  Innovation : New multilayer coating.




Stand N° 85

For almost 30 years, we are specialized in the products and solutions development of EMI and Thermal management. With interactions in over 27 countries, we are closer to the customer and their needs, providing expertise in innovations. We also offer support from project concept to realization until product launch, offering added value for competitiveness and better leadtimes. 90% of our solutions are custom solutions, adapting to customer requirements. Our ISO 9001 2015 norm guarantees conformity and rigor in different work steps. We are integrated to an important French industrial group, which can assure sustainability and success in our partnership.




Stand N° 81

Introduced in 2010, Clariant’s MEVOPUR polymer concentrates (‘masterbatch’) and compounds offer trusted products and services developed to help medical device, diagnostics and pharmaceutical packaging sectors meet the growing challenges of product consistency, compliance and reliability. Clariant offers global ISO13485 manufacturing footprint along with a comprehensive regulatory testing (biological evaluation of raw material ingredients to USP Class VI, ISO10993 and European Pharmacopeia) and documentation. Controlled, Consistent Compliant – 3 words but with a world of healthcare experience behind !

 >  Innovation : Clariant offers colors and performance-enhancing additives: protection from UV in transparent packaging, friction reduction /process aid, laser marking / welding, protection during gamma / ebeam sterilization, antistatic for injection, Anti-counterfeit / brand protection, …




Stand N° 76

CONICIO is an industrial design agency offering an integrated design and engineering service for the creation and development of innovative products. This approach enables us to guarantee our clients that their projects will be transformed into products that are operational, industrially manufacturable and esthetically pleasing. Driven by an enthusiastic team of creators - designers, engineers and technicians- CONICIO can even support the different players in innovation to speed up the development of new products and increase the performance of the company. Thanks to its skills in product design, mechanical and material engineering, CONICIO has managed to bring value to professional equipments and consumer goods in various activity sectors and for a broad spectrum of companies.




Stand N° 69

For more than 34 years, COPELECTRONIC, located in Pyrénées Atlantiques (64), has been producing electrical and electronic assemblies and subassemblies for industrial and aeronautical applications. It manufactures in small and medium series. 




Stand N° 84

For more than 20 years, we have studying, designing, and engineering solutions in electronics, communication, software, product design, … for industrial customers. We develop full systems, including functions of measurement, motor, user interface, … We contribute to all stages of your project : from studies, pre-project, specifications, down to prototype development and product supply. At the desired level of availability. We develop new systems as well as re-engineered solutions. We help our customers find partners, even fundings. We help in writing patents and developping customers’ expertise.

 >  Innovation : Equipment for the production of a home medicine (EOL project): provision of an inhaled new generation treatment, effective against the most severe respiratory infections for patients with cystic fibrosis, This is the ambition of the ALIPEX collaborative program. In collaboration with ALAXIA and DTF MEDICAL, CREATIVE EURECOM has developed an innovative transportable device: a home drug manufacturing mini plant. This equipment is the first medical device in the world to allow the development of a drug extemporaneously in the patient's home. The authorization to start clinical phase I was granted by the French agency (ANSM) in July 2015, ongoing phase in healthy volunteers and patients with cystic fibrosis.




Stand N° 97

D&Consultants have in-depth knowledge of the Medtech sector and its challenges thanks to our sector overviews of the medical device industry in France since 2011 for DGE and SNITEM. We also regularly support companies in this sector in their tech transfer or market access strategies, and their partnership initiatives (technical, financial, commercial). We also support them to obtain public funding.




Stand N° 94

DELTA CONSULTANTS, full-service CRO * specialized in biometrics, capitalizes 40 years of expertise in data management, biostatistics, scientific and medical writing and study design. Experience in diverse fields of activity makes DELTA CONSULTANTS the ideal partner for medical device companies to support you in your projects such as Phase I to IV clinical studies, PMCF (observational) studies and prospective and retrospective studies. DELTA CONSULTANTS assures all or part of your project, from study design to study report writing and guarantees strict compliance with guidelines:: FDA (ICH); EMA; Good Clinical Practices, MedDev, ISO standards and strives for the success of its clients' projects.




Stand N° 5

Dubourgel, french company based in Grenoble for more than 20 years, is specialized in the design and production of injected thermoplastic parts. Our production tool, modern and highly robotic (13 robots 6 axes) can produce parts from a few grams to over 2 kg. The medical department has 2 ISO7 white rooms, one is dedicated to single-component parts and the other to bi-material parts (soft touch). We have developed a strong experience and a real know-how in bi-material, rotary molds or transfer molds, which permit to obtain pices with a very high precision. Our costumers from n the French and European pharmaceutical industry have been trusting us for several years.




Stand N° 66

EFF'INNOV Technologies is a design house specialized in the development of electronic medical devices. We help our customer throughout projects life cycle, from idea to industrialization. Our offer ranges from consulting and prime contracting to turnkey solutions




Stand N° 70

ELECTROLOMAS offers two business lines: we produce electronic circuits of high complexity and assemble electromechanical equipment (Electronic Manufacturing Services) since 1997.  Our Technical Office offers you support for the industrialization of your product.  We work as an integral part of the development team providing solutions in electronic design, purchasing, manufacture and assembly services from the design to the final shipment. Our Technical Office works in a R&D project to develop flexible electronic circuits that could gather several information in a safe way.

 >  Innovation : Flexible electronic circuits.




Stand N° 37

ELEMASTER is the 1st Italian EMS. Outside Italy, we are able to produce your boards and electronic systems in Romania, Tunisia, China, Germany, USA and India. With 25% of its turnover in the medical field and ISO13485 certification for many years, Elemaster is renowned as a major European player in the production of medical devices. This production offer is complemented by the ability to produce your printed circuits in-house and to carry out design and qualification of your medical devices, including the functional test benches, at our Milan center.




Stand N° 44

EMC laboratories climatic, mechanical, electrical safely, radio, acoustic and reliability. EMITECH also offers engineering and training services. The Emitech Group is a major player in tests that apply to equipment. In the medical sector, our services are intended for manufacturers, importers and distributors of medical devices (MD), laboratory equipment and paramedical equipment. MDs are governed by specific regulations throughout the world. We can give you an overview of the classification of your MDs, and inform you of what this entails in terms of procedures, testing requirements, and the documentation to be compiled. We can then guide you through each step of the process through to the marketing of your products.




Stand N° 72

For 40 years éolane has responded to societal challenges by proposing innovative professional electronic solutions to their customers. EOLANE is involved in every value-added stage of an electronic and/or digital product or sub-assembly: from design to maintenance and after-sales. With over 30 years’ experience behind them, EOLANE offers design, industrialization, production and long term TLS (Through Life Support) services for medical devices. EOLANE’s products are used in the following equipment: medical devices, radiology and ultrasound devices, in-vitro diagnostics, laboratory equipment, medical imaging, dental field, disinfection automaton, wellness and fintness equipment, connected objects for personal coaching, wearable clothes, veterinary applications, …




Stand N° 53

Ercé Médical is a leading European plastics engineering company operating in the healthcare sector. We specialise in the design, manufacture and marketing of technical and innovative medical devices. Our production site, located in Oyonnax (Ain department), injects and assembles thermoplastics and silicones in its 1500 m2 of ISO 7 and ISO 8 cleanrooms. We have extensive expertise and experience in different finishing technologies: Welding - Marking - Machining - Assembly. As part of our tools manufacturing, we can design and develop products that meet your requirements and also guarantee complete confidentiality. Our Oyonnax site is ISO 13485 certified. All of our oral medication delivery systems bear the CE marking.

 >  Innovation : Pipette for sampling, dosing and secure of drug administration: Babysecure.




Stand N° 54

Since 1987, LRA has been developing a high degree of expertise in quality laser welds for precision applications where accuracy is absolutely essential – including aeronautic and space applications, implantable medical devices, surgical tools, electronic and fiber optic components, microelectronic packages, pressure transducers, microfluidic applications. LRA provides full service capabilities to clients desiring to outsource their precision welding and manufacturing requirements. Whether your needs are for short or long production runs or ongoing monthly contracts, LRA can be your partner to meet your delivery needs.




Stand N° 100

Lucie Labs transforms ordinary products into smart and connected products. In the wearable and medical market, Lucie Labs has developed a heating expertise.  Lucie Labs provides an integrated industrial solution (software and electronics). The complete electronics production associated with the mechanical constraints of the final product is taken care by Lucie Labs.

 >  Innovation : Lucie Labs has developed a smart and connected heated systems which integrates in ordinary medical wearable products.





Stand N° 51

As a Cluster, Lyonbiopole is the gateway to healthcare innovation in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It’s supporting ambitious projects and innovative companies in the healthcare & life sciences’ sector. Its aim is to help innovators develop new technologies, products and services in a push toward a more personalized medicine and better treatments for patients.




Stand N° 40

MAATEL has ISO 13485 certification and a wealth of expertise in product compliance for European certification and accreditation by the FDA (Foods and Drugs Administration), the public body responsible for the safety of drugs and medical devices in the United States. MAATEL’s experience is built on the design and production of electronic medical devices for over 25 years:  MD - Dir 93/42/EEC (class l, lla, llb, lll), AIMD - Dir 90/385/EEC, IVDD - Dir 98/79/EC (class A, B, C, D)

 >  Innovation : Participation to European collaboration Serene IoT, aiming to develop high quality care services and connected diagnostic tools, based on the use of smart healthcare device in order to meet the new challenges of the hospital environment: cost optimisation, reducing hospital congestion, solving problems of multi-bacterial resistance, etc.




Stand N° 12

Matrix Requirements is the creator of MatrixALM and MatrixQMS.MatrixALM helps Medical Devices companies to manage their technical documentation to help generate the CE marking files. MatrixQMS helps you to manage your Quality Manual (IOS13485 or other), including the links between your procedures and the standards, the risk analysis, the CAPA management, … We are a young German-Belgian company, growing fast, with over 100 customers worldwide.

MDP - maxon motor France



Stand N° 52

MDP - maxon motor France is a distributor of standard drives, designer and producer of mechatronic systems for more than 30 years. As the French R&D and production centre of the maxon motor group, MDP also offers an integrated engineering department dedicated to the development and the production of customized mechatronic systems for medical devices, aerospace actuators, robotics, machine automation, e-mobility and transports. MDP - maxon motor France has developed specific know-how with, in particular, achievements in active implantable class III devices or laboratory machine systems. ISO9001 certified in France and ISO13485 certified in Switzerland. 




Stand N° 49

MEGATRON sarl develops, manufactures and sells products and services for O.E.M markets in France and internationally. We are located in Haute-Savoie since 1982, in the village of Allinges, nearby Thonon-les-Bains, on the shore of Lake Geneva. Our mission : in close relationship with our customers, we propose, develop and deliver, within a short lead-time, customer-tailored solutions perfectly integrated in their applications for control, measurement and data-printing functions. Products : Sensors, Printers, Joysticks, Keyboards.


 >  Innovation : Contactless magnetic encoders - Compactness sensors. 




Stand N° 15

As an ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified specialist for high quality microelectronics, Microdul masters all the required processes from engineering to customised production for the application. Our consolidated know-how stretches from integrated circuits (ICs) to miniaturised electronic and power modules. Microdul is a highly experienced contract manufacturer for medical (Class I, II and III medical devices) and a one-stop shop for electronic implant devices. The company also offers custom ultra-low power mixed-signal ASIC and  miniaturized microsystem technologies.

 >  Innovation : Miniaturized microsystem Technologies - Custom ultra-low power mixed-signal ASIC - Power management (e.g. for energy harvesting) - Sensor interfacing - Adhesive joining - Heat sealing - Laser trimming (active/passive).




Stand N° 78

MP2i located in Mâcon (France -71) is specialized in R&D, products development and plastic industry, including the design, the creation and the industrialization of products. MP2i integrates the upstream phases of design, calculations, rheology and consultancy, and the downstream phases of prototyping, 3D printing and industrialization. A strong creativity, combined with a very rigorous development methodology and with renowned expertise, allow to create the expected products by industrial partners. The skills in simulations, calculations and rheology, associated with the knowledge of plastics offer possibilities of technology transfer for clients and allow collaborations with research laboratories.

 >  Innovation : The “PIP” technology is located between the mock-up and the parts from prototype tools. It offers to the design offices, to research centers and creators, the opportunities to get some “good materials” parts in a very short time. Good materials rhyming with qualification tests, the PIP represents a capital gain of time in the development process. Total control of the process internally = success and confidentiality. Reactivity, flexibility, speed, mastership, validation. The PIP is a creation accelerator




Stand N° 24

NICOMATIC is an international, family-owned, forward-thinking group based in Bons-en-Chablais, in Haute-Savoie, that has been developing and manufacturing innovative harsh-environment interconnect solutions for more than 40 years. With 350 people on staff, the company offers to its clients its experience and expertise in the connector industry by way of 11 offices located throughout the world.  Nicomatic designes & manufactures innovative rectangular micro connectors. Our products are : High performance connectors (CMM, DMM, Microflex), FFC & Jumper cables, components for man-machine interface & custom made connectors.




Stand N° 21

Japanese company that develops, manufactures and markets air, vacuum, liquid, tooling, machinery and couplings. Present in Europe for more than twenty-five years, its headquarters are based in Steinenbronn, Germany, south of Stuttgart. Designer and manufacturer of several product lines, Nitto Kohki offers pumping systems in the Medtech field with a wide range of solutions in the field of medical equipment and devices. The applications are varied in the integration market with OEM partners, in the equipment of special machines in different markets (medical, scientific, food ...). In the medical field, our pumps can be used for: Cleaning the lens on endoscope -  Integrated massage for anti-decubitus mattresses - Drying action for sterilizer - Suction skin massage for better blood circulation - Measurement of skin elasticity - Respiratory assistance (incubator) and inhalers. 




Stand N° 48

Supplier of connector systems. ODU covers all relevant areas of expertise and key technologies around design and development, machine tool and special machine construction, injection, stamping, turning, surface technology, assembly and cable assembly. The ODU group sells its products globally through an international distribution network including eight subsidiaries in Denmark, England, France, Italy, Sweden, the US, China and Japan, along with numerous worldwide sales partners. ODU connectors ensure the reliable transmission of power, signals, data and media in a variety of demanding applications – in future-oriented growth markets such as medical technology, military and security, eMobility and energy as well as in established sectors such as test and measurement, automotive and industrial electronics.

 >  Innovation : IEC 60601- 1 COMPLIANT ODU MEDI-SNAP® SOLUTIONS : The medical standard IEC 60601-1 specifies the strictest requirements for contact protection of medical devices and their components to guarantee maximum protection against electric shock for both patients and operators. To keep the risk as low as possible, the standard specifies 2 categories of means of protection : MOPP & MOOP. Achieving the necessary protection is based on the style of the receptacle or in-line receptacle and on the adjustment of the insulator. Our new receptacles G4, GE and G9 ODU MEDI-SNAP offer  thicker front nuts which produce a longer insulation distance and simultaneously ensure that patients and operators cannot easily touch the contacts. Adjustment of the insulator with additional domes, an asymmetrical arrangement of the pins and insulating sleeves can increase the original protection class from 1 MOOP/1 MOPP to 2 MOOP/2 MOPP





Stand N° 1

With state-of-the-art know-how in precision electrodynamic and hydromechanical equipment and high reliability from space aerospace, PACKAERO MECATRONIQUE is a major partner for high performance mechatronics solutions for DMs. Our Voice Coil electrodynamic motors, regulating solenoid valves, electrodynamic vibrators, sensors platform are outstanding vectors of innovation for dynamic and intelligent prostheses, surgical robotics, medical imaging, intelligent instrumentation. PACKAERO MECATRONIQUE’s extensive R&T activity is conducted by a multidisciplinary team of experts. PACKAERO MECATRONIQUE ensures you the control over optimization of performance and optimum traceability of products your field requires

 >  Innovation : Typical applications: Precision pressure and flow control, Linear pumps, compressors, Active control vibration, Optical pointing, focusing, Unlock-lock system, Force feed-back control.




Stand N° 19

Company specializing in polymer R&D, offering high value-added technologies. The company has over the years become a key player in the medical sector, offering innovations in the fields of cosmetic surgery, orthopedics or ophthalmology. In its early days, PolymerExpert developed a first innovative intraocular implant for an ophthalmology company, then multiplied its innovations in this sector of activity. This company is already addressing the medical issues of tomorrow: single-component bone cement, photochromic implants, implant coating, self-healing polymer, ...

 >  Innovation : Development of high and low viscosity cements for orthopedics and vertebroplasty - Muscular plugs with shape memory - Self-healing breast prosthesis - Copolymer for blood filtration - Hydrophilic coating - Active encapsulant - Synthesis of biomaterials - Hydrophobic intraocular implants, hydrophilic, photochromic - Sliding polymers (injectors of implants, probes, ...): Uses in coating as well as in compound. 




Stand N° 50

PONANT Technologies is a reputed expertise center in Information Technology (IT) and embedded systems for the industry. Focused in test automation, software design and third party software maintenance, the French company unveils today its brand new solution for automated robotic tests. eTASQ Motion solution, that meets all your business demands, performs functional, non-invasive tests on consumer electronics or industrial devices. In association with eTASQ software, the eTASQ Motion robotic bench challenges the reliability of each Man-Machine Interface (MMI) fitted with displays, keys and buttons. 




Stand N° 26

Portescap is a leader in miniature motion solutions for medical technologies, including autoclavable brushless DC slotted motors. Our miniature motors power surgical hand tools, medical pumps, ventilation equipment and several other medical devices. Complete customizable assemblies can include encoders, gearheads, intricate shafts and modified design configurations to reduce assembly costs while providing a precise, high-powered component. 

 >  Innovation : Portescap introduces the newest addition to our Ultra EC™ mini motor platform, the 22ECT brushless motor, designed specifically to deliver ultra high torque in a compact size. With the unique coil technology and a patent pending multipolar rotor design, the 22ECT has been developed to be one of the most advanced and highest performing brushless slotless motors in its class. The 22ECT is specifically optimized for high continuous torque at low to medium speeds, maximizing power between 10 K and 20 K rpm. These motors are capable of delivering 2 times higher continuous torque than comparable BLDC motors of same size over the entire low speed range when used with gears. 




Stand N° 63

Designer and manufacturer of optical sensors for 3D dimensional metrology. Distance, thickness, flatness ISO, roughness, autofocus, high-speed, high resolution. 2D vision system for in-line microscopic inspection. Based on 20 years of experience in developing of chromatic confocal sensors and probes, Precitec offer high precision and ultra fast solutions with micrometric resolution for topography and thickness measurement. We have the technical expertise of  several types of technologies (chromatic confocal, interferometry white light and infrared) and several configurations (point, multi-point, line and field) on any type of surface or material (metal, plastic, glass, semiconductor, etc) to bring you the right solution to your needs.

 >  Innovation : Many applications in syringe control: depth measurement of cracks, silicone measurement, glass thickness, silk screen control, autofocus for laser engraving. Our technology is also able to measure the roughness of your materials and control (welds, thickness) of your medical pockets.




Stand N° 57

The S3martMed project, co-funded by the COSME program of the European Union, from 1 October 2018 to 1 October 2020 (24 months), brings together 5 partner clusters including Lyonbiopôle (Auvergne Rhône-Alpes), Biowin (Wallonia), BioPmed ( Piedmont), GAPR - Medsilesia (Upper Silesia), BioRegio STERN (Baden Württemberg). It aims to promote interregional and intersectoral cooperation between European clusters and their SME members in the field of medical technologies through the establishment of a unique cluster partnership. The partnership will provide opportunities for cooperation through the organization of inter-regional B2B and C2C networks, involving SMEs, technology centers and key stakeholders from partner regions and beyond.




Stand N° 77

Digital manufacturer of prototypes and on-demand production parts, serving as a product development tool for engineers and a supply chain resource for companies large and small. Our 3D printing, CNC machining, and injection moulding services have continuously evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers around the world. We now have eight manufacturing facilities located around the world (four European manufacturing facilities) and continue to explore new ways to accelerate product development, reduce costs, and optimise our customers’ supply chains with rapid manufacturing technologies.




Stand N° 75

PureLab Plastics, specialized in development and injection molding in controlled environment, offers an expertise fully dedicated to Life Sciences, medical and pharmaceutical technologies (medical devices, consumables, instruments, implants, DDS). We offer a full-service including : an engineering team of 11 experts from project design, development all the way through industrialization, Scientific Injection Molding and Eco-Design approach (molding control, material reduction, biosourcing), a compliant manufacturing environment (ISO 7 – ISO 8 – ISO 9), Quality compliance addressing regulatory requirements (ISO 13485 – cGMP’s – ISO 14001 – CSR) and an evolving production and assembly capacity to support our customers including associated services (sterilization, packaging, logistics). 

 >  Innovation : PureLab Plastics is also a key player in the medical market and carries out its production in a controlled atmosphere that meets ISO 7 and ISO 8 standards, in keeping with the requirements of its customers in the medical domain, and in compliance with regulations and the ISO 13485 standard. We guarantee complete traceability, via our ERP system, tracing the manufacture of all plastic medical devices, products and tools up to delivery.




Stand N° 61

With 70 years of experience in extrusion, injection molding and assembly, RAUMEDIC is optimally equipped to transform the ideas of its customers into well-engineered product solutions. We process medical-grade thermoplastic polymers and silicones at four production sites in Germany and in the USA. Furthermore, the medical engineering company develops and produces high-precision pressure measurement systems with microchip technology for the indication areas of neuromonitoring and traumatology.

 >  Innovation : Liquid Silicone Rubber - VariCoat® Wire Coating Solutions.





Stand N° 86

Founded in 1982, the first entity of Savoy International group had initial activity for the plastics industry. The group, as we know it, today is the result of a significant growth, particularly outside. This growth, desired by its founder, aims to diversify the activities to meet the demand of its customers by providing a competitive advantage and product solutions/innovative process in a competitive sector. Today, the group has an expertise in 3 fields:  plastics with recognized expertise in the design and manufacturing of connectors, mechanics and, especially, the field of micromechanics (cutting and screw-cutting) but also in mechatronics with a great expertise in the design and the manufacturing of measurement systems and energy administration.

 >  Innovation : Metal Hybrid 3D printer Machine coupled with a Milling system for printing parts and complex mechanical elements with a high surface finition by combination of sintering and machining. That allow us to optimize and reduce the standard production steps.




Stand N° 22

Engineering, manufacturing and sales of electronic passive components like : fuses, fuse holders, circuit breakers, IEC connectors, EMC filters, switches, capacitive screens.  SCHURTER’offer includes products and interface systems for medical devices (diagnostic, therapeutic and laboratory equipment, medical monitors).




Stand N° 88

SEFAR leader in the manufacture of monofilament fabrics for the medical. Materials used: Polyester and Polyamide. The main functions are filtration, dispersion, drainage and mechanical reinforcement. Offer of SEFAR :  Safety filtration for blood filtration in extracorporeal circulation, infusion set, transfusion set - Dispersion and drainage media : hydrophilic and biocompatible for diagnostic application. Separating and draining media fabric for blood bags - Venting media (hydrophobic membrane TETEX PORE filters contaminants, bacteria and viruses present in gases) - MEDIFAB fabric range standards IS0 10993 and USP Class VI. Manufactured in class 7 ISO 14644 clean room conforming to ISO 13485 standard.




Stand N° 9

Selenium Medical’s speciality, focused on plastic injection in clean room, surface treatment and packaging of medical devices, was developed from the outset as being indivisible from quality, process, product validation and research & development skills. Our teams work for and with you to develop the best solutions suited to your requirements.

 >  Innovation : SoBliss® allows new blister packaging vision. Implants can now be packaged in 360° transparent, sterile & rigid “double-blister”, that provides a better match in terms of identification, handling, and storage. StarSurf® is a structural etching chemical process applied in order to optimize porosity and enhance wettability for titanium alloys implants. Etching is a key surface finishing step that creates implant surface roughness, increases wettability and improves osseo-integration properties. Besides of micro and nano roughnesses, implants surface contains macro porosities.




Stand N° 92

Selha Group is a global electronic services provider. SELHA Group offers a large panel of services from Co-design in collaboration with your R&D department, with our dedicated team for industrialization and prototyping of your PCBA & integrated product. As core value to be your reliable supply chain partner, we support you with our Manufacturing & Integration capabilities through our mature and agile industrial plants recognized by our customer. We can help you to extend the life of your product with valuable capabilities for repair and refurbishment with dedicated tools for obsolescence monitoring. One of our key drivers is INNOVATION to give you the best “up to date” support. As part of this goal, we were the first manufacturing plant in France to introduce COBOT (collaborative robots) in Eu plant.

 >  Innovation :  Selha group was first to develop collaborative robot for electronics.




Stand N° 10

Provider in 3D measurement for nearly 30 years, Sematec Metrology now has 101 employees, 6 laboratories serving more than 450 customers. With ultra-modern and cutting-edge technology equipment, Sematec offers expertise in three dimensional measurement, tomography, 3D modeling, 3D scanning, calibration, mounting and control template and management of IBS (Initial Samples) and F.A.I. (First Article Inspection). Sematec's 6 laboratories and 80 metrologists operate throughout France: in Ile de France, South East, South West, West and East.




Stand N° 23

Formed in 2018, SGH Healthcaring aims to become a leading European player in medical devices and administering medicines in liquid and solid form, thanks to genuine know-how built up over more than 30 years. Our added value comes from combining innovation, marketing and plastics processing skills to manufacture highly accurate components, produced in a cleanroom at high speed. Our main areas of expertise are administering medicines, respiratory conditions, diagnostics & pre-analytics and e-health. The group now consists of Stiplastics Healthcaring, which designs and manufactures both ready-made and bespoke standard or intelligent plastics solutions, and Rovipharm Healthcaring, one of the world leaders in dosing syringes, measuring cups and spoons, droppers and dosing accessories.

 >  Innovation : IQ-Dose (intuitive and quick-dose) is an efficient, easy-to-use device made for dosing and counting mini-tablets. It is especially useful during trial phases for paediatric medicine, but also for specific treatments for things such as Parkinson’s disease, oncology treatment, psychiatrics and more. This new solid form of pellet allows the administration of tiny doses, exactly adjusted to a patient’s need. Hygienic and accurate, the device allows the selection of the exact quantity of mini-tablets prescribed, from one to 24, in one go, without the need for any contact with the hands.




Stand N° 35

SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 95,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 2,400 offices and laboratories around the world. SGS offers a full range of services to biopharmaceutical industry and other industries related to health products (medical devices, cosmetics) : quick marketing of your products in the best conditions (quality & safety), expertise in national and international regulation aspects, access to global analytical laboratories, advice on the regulatory aspects of Medical Devices, testing and certification solutions, training, ...




Stand N° 13

Since more than 35 years, STAE (ISO 13485) is helping many companies in medical field : studies, manufacturing (electronics and wiring, mechanics and sheet metal working, assembly and integration), risk analysis, prototypes, testing (validation, CE marking, …), maintenance, … From start-ups to multinational companies, STAE finds the suitable solution to your issues. From concept pre-study to final test phases by complete manufacturing, the scope of STAE's offer allows our clients to trust our know-how. 

 >  Innovation : Thanks to its experience working with many medical companies, STAE could innovate many times to optimize manufacturing. This known innovative ability allows our client to nenefit from our 10 years of experience in Medical and others domains.




Stand N° 47

Stratasys is the global leader in 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions, materials and services. Its strengths: speed, innovation, performance and customization ability. In healthcare, Stratasys' printing solutions find their application in preclinical testing (3D printed anatomical models based on real patient imaging) as well as in dental field: orthodontic models, models of crowns and bridges, surgical guides, ...




Stand N° 27

Sudelec is a privileged partner for the manufacture of your electronic cards. Our skills combine electronic solutions with a high value added service :  Design, Study & Industrialization of your cards with qualified partners - Purchases & Logistics with a large network of qualified suppliers - Production & Manufactuing - Test and assembly of electronic assemblies. 




Stand N° 67

Machining operation, shot-peening, laser marking, passivating, anodising, finishing, heat treatment for medical device in the rachis and dental sectors, and cancerology.  Thanks to the quality of its products and experience in this field, proven by being ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, Supermétal makes parts for implantable medical devices. Supermétal makes parts from new or treated items and sub-assemblies based on our customers’ specifications. The company also produces kits, or packed and labelled finished products as well as providing a production engineering and studies service based on a permanent technological watch.

 >  Innovation : Metal Binder Jetting.




Stand N° 42

Our PCB division is composed of 2 companies specialized in the printed circuits boards manufacturing : Multilayer, Flex-Rigid, circuits HDI, Mixed materials boards, ... One global offer with TECHCI & CISTELAIER. Bolstered up by a perfect control of the manufacturing processes and a recognized know-how, TECHCI is a leading manufacturer in medical, aeronautic, military and embedded industry sectors.





Stand N° 79

More than 40 years experience in the design and manufacturing of custom rim parts in polyurethane : RIM process - Moulding of housings, panels, enclosures and functional parts - Surface finishing and assembly of ready to use systems. Current markets : Medical devices, Analysis and laboratory equipment, etc.

 >  Innovation : Plastic covers with anticolision sytem integrated, antimicrobial and antibacterial painting.




Stand N° 33

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions develops, manufactures and supplies innovative engineered solutions for demanding medical, biotech and pharmaceutical applications in thermoplastics, silicone and other elastomers in providing you the information in design and material to optimize the solutions for your sealing, damping and fluid handling challenges.  We manage: The Liquid Injection Molding of LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) - Machining of parts from in-house PTFE modified tubes - Complex Silicone tubes & hoses extrusion - Elastomer to plastic, elastomer to metal or elastomer to elastomer 2 components parts (2K or 2C technology) - Standard molded part (O'ring) or engineered molded part based on custom specifications (sealing parts, bellows, membranes, diaphragms, grommets, …).

 >  Innovation : 

• GeoTrans® pioneered the technology of movable die and mandrels allowing us to produce tubes with transitional geometry.
• Combination product with API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) : We are the only medical device contract manufacturer in the world who has the depth of engineering experience and pharmaceutical licensing to offer complete start to finish drug eluting product development and manufacturing.     
• 2K Injection of LSR : LSR molding is ideal for production of complex geometries and to consolidate assemblies combining numerous components into a single part which can offer tangible benefits in terms of improved performance, prevention of contamination, the opportunity for automating of customers’ production lines, elimination of risk of miss-assembly, lower inventories, lower overall costs.




Stand N° 45

TRONICO specializes in the design, industrialization and manufacturing of high value added electronic products. Even if the core business of tronico is focused in aeronautics, defense and energy sectors, the medical market is the main axis of development as the quality and reliability business constraints are very close to daily issues managed by TRONICO. Based on a 40 years know-how and on unique means dedicated to the medical market, the company has an extended offer addressing each stage of the product life cycle, from its definition to the management of end of life. Its locations in Grenoble, Nantes and Tangier allow a high flexibility in the design and production for its customers. Today, TRONICO’s know-how is used for implanted or non-implanted active medical devices for major contractors, but also for SMEs or start-ups (with a dedicated solution).

 >  Innovation : Coating - Parylene varnish - Vacuum reflow of electronic components - Integration of electronics in textile - Non-contact charging of a battery through the skin.




Stand N° 73

Company specialized in the development and manufacturing of electronics systems. EMS & EEMS services (Engineering Electronic Manufacturing Services): Chip on board, hybrid thick film, flip-chip, THT, SMD and others. Applications implemented in the medical sector : Sensors to monitor media and pressure in tubes, such as dialysis machines and infusion pumps - Power units for hospital beds and operating tables - Rheometer controllers including transmission unit - Encoders for the positioning unit of a radiation system - Sensors to detect foreign bodies in defined media - Sensors to measure air quantities and volumes - Sensors for automated fill level measurements - Transmission of machine parameters for remote maintenance - Sterilisable mechanical housings (autoclavable overmoulding) - Miniaturised lights for medical devices (autoclavable overmoulding). 

 >  Innovation : Electronic protection by overmoulding, resistant to autoclave cycle




Stand N° 28

The UL Life & Health Sciences division is dedicated to healthcare industry innovation by helping clients with their biggest challenges in regulatory management, market access, and connected device risk (i.e. safety, security, usability, and interoperability). We ensure that medical devices are safe to deploy and use in an increasingly patient-centric and connected environment.

 >  Innovation : UL has developed the UL 2900 standard for cyber security. The 2-1 part is dedicated to medical devices. The CAP certification is an assessment of the level of protection of medical devices against cyber- attacks.  It includes cyber organization and documentation assessment as well as a wide range of testing.




Stand N° 36

Global expert from the design to the manufacturing of innovative healthcare industry-specific plastic solutions, Union Plastic offers single and dual-material plastic injection moulding and injection-blow  moulding services. The company proposes an extensive range of certified high-quality products for all your projects: Dosing systems, pharmaceutical packaging, medical devices, veterinary care and in-vitro diagnostic consumables.




Stand N° 89

Useconcept's consultants are specialized in taking into account human factors aspects in health, in particular for Medical Devices (MD) and Medical Informatics (MI). We offer you an ideal support for the design and certification of the useability  of your MD and the improvement of the ergonomic aspects of medical software.




Stand N° 41

We innovate and manufacture miniaturized and high-precision complex products for our worldwide medical device partners. Our customers are leading suppliers of active implants, medical-grade wearables as well as medical and portable medical equipment. Our activities also cover advanced industrial assemblies. Headquartered in Switzerland, our company spreads over three continents with design, development, industrialization and manufacturing sites in Switzerland, the United States and Morocco and employs more than 350 employees worldwide.

 >  Innovation : Neurosurgical positioning robot, insulin pumps, deep brain stimulation probes and implants, smart contact lenses, disposable endoscopes, intelligent pills, morphine pumps, cochlear implants, ultrasound treatment robots, smart caps.




Stand N° 95

VELOX is a leading plastics raw materials distributor in Europe. We support all phases of your project development for medical devices such as: Technical support for polymer choice and processing - Binding confidentiality agreements, so that we can accompany you through the critical design phases - European stock for fast delivery of small and large quantities providing samples and commercial demands. You will receive full document support for biocompatibility (USP Class VI / ISO 10.993), Notification of Change statements and other technical / regulatory topics.




Stand N° 68

Since 1985, VLAD has become the reference for autonomous energy for healthcare & industry. We provide original manufacturer batteries, select and assemble in France generic batteries with the best akkus on the market, and develop batteries for Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M).




Stand N° 50

The industrial project consists in a collaborative R&D system for SME and start-ups. Grenoble INP possesses high levels of feedback via its engineering school, the Esisar, for materializing pragmatic partnerships on up-stream R&D activities. Companies undertake preliminary studies for validating phases of technical feasibility and modelling that lead to functional demonstrators in the context of product improvement and new product development. Over the last 20 years Grenoble INP has completed over 300 projects with more than 200 companies. The main subject areas are located on two lines:  IOT and embedded systems, FPGA, ARM, radio frequency DSP, sensor/actuators, etc. • Software engineering in a broad sense, open source, real-time OS, operating safety, data bases, etc. In the fields of medical device we have a good feed back of R&D collaborations withe local SMEs. 


 >  Innovation : Secure wireless interface for connected medical device, cyber-security of digital solutions. 




Stand N° 91

As the sole civilian operator of blood transfusion in France, EFS's main mission is national self-sufficiency in blood products. He is also involved in many activities, such as medical biology, cell and tissue therapy or research.

EUDICA (Groupe Faiveley Plast)



Stand N° 83

EUDICA is part of the "Pharma division" of the Faiveley Plast group and a recognized French player in the thermoplastic injection of medical devices for more than 20 years. EUDICA is specialized in the development and manufacture of drug delivery systems and combined medical devices : auto injectors, sterile medical device system of implant packaging, … EUDICA’s expertise resides in technical injected parts and in high-speed multi-cavity injection with dedicated lines for assembly, marking, packaging and control under ISO7 or ISO8 environment according to ISO 13485 and GMP rules and under UFC level mastered.




Stand N° 31

In order to develop, register or for the quality control of medical devices, Eurofins Medical Device Testing offers a complete range of services in the field of consulting and testing, particularly with regard to the biological risk assessment according to the ISO 10993, biocompatibility studies (short and long term), accelerated aging studies (ASTM F1980), chemical characterization (extractable and leachable studies), packaging validation (ISO 11607), microbiology (sterility tests, bioburden, ...), cleaning validation, etc ...




Stand N° 87

Evamed is a clinical research organization created in 2005, specialized in the evaluation and clinical investigation of medical devices. Since 2005, we have performed more than 170 interventional and observational studies and registries in France and around the world. Evamed helps you with your clinical projects or on different levels: clinical strategy, clinical investigation plan, Regulatory submissions, Remote and on-site monitoring, Data-management, Statistical analysis, Clinical Investigation Report, Publication. The alliance between the mastery of all stages in a clinical investigation and its own data collection software (eCRF) makes Evamed a valued partner that meets the specific needs of the Medtechs.




Stand N° 56

FISBA is a worldwide leading supplier of customized optical components, systems and microsystems. For over 60 years, FISBA has been a market leader in the biomedical and life sciences space, developing optical components, illumination and micro imaging systems. Our solutions enable the size, resolution and reliability required for medical and bio-photonics imaging systems today. Global participation in leading edge life sciences applications areas such as: Endoscopy / Minimally invasive surgery imaging - Diagnostics - Biopsy imaging - Dental imaging - Flow cytometry & sequencing - Pharma process monitoring. 




Stand N° 32

Fischer Connectors' solutions are ideal for use with medical electronic equipment, including diagnostic devices, surgical instruments, therapy applications, dental applications, cardiac assist devices, and disposable equipment. Our comprehensive medical connectors product line includes sterilizable, reusable, hybrids, as well as cost-effective disposable connectors. Custom designs are available to meet specific application requirements. Cable assembly options include silicon and low-friction coatings. Fischer Connectors helps medical device manufacturers reduce risk and run the FDA gauntlet by working closely to build just the right interconnect solutions.

 >  Innovation : Cable assembly / silicon overmolding.




Stand N° 84

GIL-BO SA is specialized in precision machining works. We provide complete machining services, up to 5-axis machining, including raw material management, 3D verification and assembly. We have machining centers (3, 4 & 5 axis), lathe CNC & metrology equipment.




Stand N° 29

Expert in plastic parts injection (ISO7 classroom), Green Plastique Solutions specializes in 2K and 3K. The company offers integrated big data of  injection processes and performs co-development and design of medical devices. It offers a very high reactivity in the proto phases realized internally. Partner of the Company Alain MASSACRIER: Leading manufacturer in the fields of bi / tri materials and assembly processes in the mould field. 

 >  Innovation : Assembling process solutions of different parts during the injection process - Recording of all the press datas in real time with ERP and EMS.




Stand N° 82

Hamamatsu Photonics is a world-leading manufacturer of optoelectronic components & systems for the generation and measurement of infrared,visible, X-ray and UV light.Our corporate philosophy stresses the advancement of Photonics through high quality products for various applications as medical field and biotechnology. Our products are actively used throughout the world in a wide variety of areasincluding medical treatment, chemical analysis, measurement




Stand N° 3

Hauck Heat Treatment (subsidiary of Aalberts Industries) is a leader of heat treatment services on 5 plants in France : Besançon & Vermondans (25), Amboise (37), Sudan (44) Thyez (74). Our technical expertise has been recognized for more than 30 years on the thermal and thermochemical treatments under controlled atmosphere (continuous and batch furnaces), under vacuum, by induction, magnetic annealing, nitriding (gas and plasma), nitrocarburizing (with post -oxidation), by brazing, waterquenching of titanium and surface coatings: powder paints and liquid pre-coating, slip layers (PTFE MOS² ...). All plants Hauck Heat Treatment France is ISO 9001 certified and some plants also offer the Nadcap accreditation and ISO 14001, ISO TS 16949 and EN 9100.




Stand N° 4

Human Design Group is a leading company in Ergonomics, UX & Human Factor. Through a User-Centered Design approach, it helps healthcare industry to create and validate smart, simple and safe devices & software, compliant with usability standards and regulations. We provide support throughout usability engineering process (IEC 62366):  Conduct user research to bring expert knowledge on the future users and anticipate use-related risks - Prototype, test and iterate on innovative User Interface (physical and digital) - Validate final design through comprehensive user tests (summative evaluation) for regulatory files.




Stand N° 43

i2s has been helping his customers to take up their most complex challenges using imaging in the areas of health and wellness with expertise in the development of in-vitro diagnostic medical devices and high-tech connected portable tools at competitive cost. The i2S Medcare business relies on a multidisciplinary team that has acquired 40 years of expertise in image capture and processing with recognized scientific, software, technical and regulatory expertise in the fields of optronics and integrated, automated, and enhanced imaging. i2S offers you to benefit from its portfolio of technological bricks, including 3D imaging and learning by Artificial Intelligence.


 >  Innovation

- Connected portable devices: 3D micro-scanner for impression taking - camera for diagnosis
- Automated Time-Lapse Digital Microscope enhanced with Image Processing and Learning by Artificial Intelligence for IVF
- Real-time automated measuring device for immuno-hematology
- Automatic antibiograms for micro-biology
- Digital Data Libraries for the Scientific Community
- Any type of advanced imaging devices or imaging kits in OEM, Private Label or own label





Stand N° 20

Infiplast experts in manufacturing injected thermoplastic medical devices and consumables for all kind of Health-care sectors. Expertise, quality and confidential philosophy, for all the Infiplast employees’ profiles. Expert in security parts and sub-assemblies Our strength and experience for high specification has forged a solid reputation for high quality level and reliable production processes. The best reason about our expertise in such medical fields described in our website. Quality and Customer services The proximity with our customers and the quality approach to anticipate risks during industrial production give a high satisfaction and trust for a long term business partnership. Our Quality team is also able to support CE Marking, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and FAT, SAT, IQ, OQ, PQ protocols. Our Production environment is ISO 7, class C (BPF/GMP) or 10000 ( AFNOR).

 >  Innovation : Overmoulding of small & precise Inox inserts - 2 shots IMM in clean room environment for 2K plastic parts - Design support with customer's patents on several subjects.




Stand N° 71

Spanish company specializing in plastic processing by injection, assembly and packaging of final products in clean rooms. Innovamed also offers its services for the realization of molds, pre-series and engineering. The company is ISO 13 485 certified and its products are fully produced in ISO 7 cleanrooms.

 >  Innovation : Manufacturing of technical plastics (PEEK, TPE) -  Robotized manufacturing line -  Microinjection - Artificial vision quality control.




Stand N° 93

The Chimie Balard Cirimat Carnot Institute is a partner of choice for innovating companies. Our research institute is based in Montpellier and Toulouse, France. Its research teams help industrial companies develop their R&D projects in chemistry, materials and processes. The Institute is composed of experts recognised for their scientific excellence and offers  high technology platforms. R&D expertise in 5 key themes: Energy, Health Cosmetics, Green Chemistry and Processes, Transportation, High Performances Materials. 

 >  Innovation : Biocompatible polymer used to prevent the formation of intra uterine adhesions to promote pregnancy with WOMED. The MacrilenTM developed by Aeterna Zentaris and  our teams improves the daily lives of patients suffering from growth hormone deficiency.




Stand N° 90

Institut Carnot Ingenierie@Lyon is a high-end technology research cluster. 13 laboratories and 1 technical center are committed in medtech, computer-based procedure, biomaterials, diagnostic tools, sports and wellness health devices research. Resources: living tissue engineering centre - Advanced tribometry and surface characterization - Biological interactions for medical systems - materials for dental repairs - formulation of systems for transporting and vectorising active ingredients for pharmaceutical applications, cosmetics and diagnostics.




Stand N° 46

Specialist in functional materials, surfaces and interfaces, the Carnot MICA Institute supports companies in the design and development of their products and services. MICA has developed especially strong expertise in the field of healthcare, materials for the patient and the therapeutic environment, and ensures control of every stage, from materials design to clinical trials, with its own teams of surgeons. MICA's solutions are ideal for medical devices, pharmaceutical and diagnostics sectors, in the form of R&D programmes, services, expert reports and consulting and technology transfers. 

 >  Innovation : Antimicrobial surfaces / additive manufacturing / CLAD process / First larynx implant / Tissue and Bone regeneration / Biological matrices / inflammation / implant biofonctionalization / Durability bench for prosthesis (fatigue test).




Stand N° 59

Inventec Performance Chemicals is a specialist cleaning company in the medical field. Our team of experts accompanies progress each time by developing formulations for cleaning and decontaminating the surfaces of medical materials, prothesis, implants ... through detergent, vapor phase, and vacuum processes. Service, proximity and eco-conception are the heart of our approach. Inventec Performance Chemicals, a Group Dehon subsidiary, has 10 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and America; as well as 7 production sites all ISO 9001 certified, 3 of which are also ISO 14001 certified, and equipped with control and application laboratories.




Stand N° 65

IPC is the Industrial Technical Center whose expertise is dedicated to plastic and composite innovation. IPC offers R&D activities (collaborative project, collective action or private contract), business services and technology transfer. It offers services with high added value (materials / products / processes engeineering for contractors in the medical field, Micro / nano surface structuring, Plastronics, Development of complete medical devices, ...). IPC is also a leader in the development of smart plastic products. IPC is labeled CARNOT Institute, a guarantee for excellence in the field of partnership research.




Stand N° 62

ISEOTEC SA has been active for over 10 years in R&D and high end medical components manufacturing. Specialized in high technical project, our company is equipped with specific planning and quality tools for the medical industry needs. We offer multiple services as CNC machining from 3 to 6 axes with robots loading systems, turning solutions and EDM. The R&D office provides our clients co-development solutions and overall project management support. We provide several types of multi-material prosthetic products, surgical tools and specific Tools for dental industry production.

 >  Innovation : Invention of a specific control device adapted for dental industry - Innovative process setting for eye implants manufacturing with precious metals - Improvements in surgical devices Tools thanks to our innovative manufacturing process  - +500 innovative technical project developed with our clients. 




Stand N° 16

ITEN is the leading industrial company developing and manufacturing solid-state lithium-ion micro-batteries in the form of SMD components. Such micro-batteries are rechargeable In a few minutes and are not only able to store high energy density but also to deliver power and high peak currents (a few 100 milliampers) over a wide operating temperature range. ITEN’s micro-batteries are the ideal solutions to back-up and power up applications in electronics, SSDs, mobile and GPS devices, SSDs, medical devices, smart cards and security tokens, home and building automation, smart cities, wearables and e-textile, IoT and more generally wireless sensor networks. 

 >  Innovation : Tiny and safe solid state microbatteries (not flammable, without any toxic materials) used for micro-storage of energy and power in applications like neurostimulation and other implantable or minimally invasive medical devices.




Stand N° 18

JBT HUB UP is a unique solution gathering all operational skills to supply a global solution (design, execution, assembly, qualification, regulatory…) at the beginning of the design of your medical device. JBT HUB UP alliance groups companies, leaders on their markets and provide their knowhow in the Pharma and medical market: Connected device, e-plastic, … - Design and construction of molds – Plastic injection – ISO7 clean rooms - LSR, silicone injection/extrusion - Design and construction of assembly machines, robotized systems, vision and controls – Product and process validation. From the idea of a medical device until the product is on the market, JBT HUB UP alliance makes your project alive and drives it in full confidentiality. A global offer providing both the agility of a small company and the power of an international group.

 >  Innovation : Connected device, e-plastic, … - LSR, silicone injection/extrusion - Design and construction of assembly machines, robotized systems, vision and controls. 




Stand N° 98

KEOL offers bonding solutions for the fixation of medical and surgical devices, such as medical needles, catheters, dialyzers, epicraniums and tubing. We also offer sealing products for the protection of electronic components. KEOL is an industrial services company specializing in high precision bonding, coating of electronic components and distribution of dosing equipment, technical glues (UV glue, epoxy, cyanoacrylate, etc.), lamp LED insolation, for the assembly of materials.

 >  Innovation : Optical bonding.




Stand N° 80

Since its creationin 1995, the Kelly Services® group's scientific division, Kelly Scientific Resources® (KSR), has established itself as a global leader in recruiting scientists and clinical research professionals. We employ more than 5,000 scientists each year from our network of more than 100 offices in North America, Europe and the Pacific area.




Stand N° 11

At Keysight, we are driven to deliver breakthrough solutions and trusted insight in electronic design, test, manufacture, and optimization to help customers accelerate the innovations that connect and secure the world. Whether you are seeking to overcome barriers to innovation, transform your development processes, or simply be first and best in your market, Keysight’s solutions optimize networks, integrate workflows, and validate tomorrow’s technologies with unprecedented performance backed by decades of research and expertise.




Stand N° 7

CAD / CAM specialist for the dental field, Kreos offers you digital solutions thanks to partnerships with renowned companies. With over 10 years of expertise in 3D products, KREOS has developed business solutions adapted for orthodontics and dental prosthesis.  Equipment : 3Shape scanners and software, Roland milling machines and Asiga printers.




Stand N° 96

KYomed INNOV offers a complete and unparalleled range of services in the field of connected health. Particularly aware of challenges and evolution of uses around e-health, we intervene at several stages of medical device development, from its conception (by a user-centered design approach) to its clinical evaluation (we are a CRO). Our tools and expertise enable the collection and deep analysis of real-life patient data alongside traditional clinical data, allowing innovative companies to better understand the impact of their device on patients' lives and on quality of patient care. Our services are intended for companies in the health and digital sector, health care institutions and public health organizations. We provide a dynamic and experienced team and offer personalized support to your projects.




Stand N° 74

LAM is a subcontractor leader in the industrialisation and manufacturing of medical devices. We are able to provide implants and complexe instruments for different medical insdustries : spine, knee, hip, … Our quality requirement guarantees all our customers the best practices in terms of qualification and traceability: mastered processes (QI/QO/QP), measurement system analysis, qualified team, devices history record.

 >  Innovation : 5 axis milling center - high speed, Wire cut and sinker EDM, Turning center, Cutting tool - Stamping tool - Bending tool, Sandblasting - laser marking, Cleaning and passivation NFS 94-091 ASTM A967





Stand N° 8

LA PRECISION specializes in the production of high precision parts by machining and precision micromechanics. We produce machined components in machining, CNC turning, high speed milling and3D metal printing. In the medical field, we manufacture components and complete products, for dental implantology, cardiac stimulation, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, etc. We have a wide range of technologies at your disposal to deliver finished and packaged parts (blister or other). Areas of application: Dental implants, tools and drills, Pacemakers, Implantable diffusion pumps, Endoscopic non-invasive microsurgery, orthopedic surgery, . . .



As an exchanges platform dedicated to decision-makers in the medical industry since 2013, MEDI'NOV CONNECTION has become an must-attend meeting offering to medical actors (equipment manufacturers, medical devices manufacturers and subcontractors) to participate in a program of networking and conferences related to the innovations of the sector.


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