Médi'Nov Connection 2021

On Thursday, May 20, our historical partner Lyonbiopôle led an Innovation Pitch session. 
This year, 7 medical device developing start-ups presented an innovative technology or product.

The audience voted to elect the best innovation and the winner was announced during the award ceremony :  Grapheal !

The prize was awarded by the afnor and Club CIC International.

The 2021 Candidates


Apollina is a French start-up founded in Rovaltain in 2017. It results from the meeting of a dental surgeon, Dr Basptiste Lagrange, and an industrial product designer, Mr Pierre Duthoit. The company develops high technology dental instruments and seek a societal goal by improving access to care for everyone. The first product is ADEON: an intelligent and electronic applicator, designed to apply all range of materials used in dental surgery (resin, silicone, liquids such as antiseptic, anesthesia or hand sanitizer). On its own, this product can replace 90% of the application care kit with only one autonomous device.


PrevIA analyses data from thousands of patients in real-time and identifies precisely the risks of sepsis complications. Thanks to a predictive algorithm using last techniques of machine learning, the artificial intelligence alerts up to 48 hours before the first symptoms. Health professionals start treatments earlier, allowing to reduce residence time and increase patient’s survival chances.


Kurage is an innovative start-up which developed an artificial intelligence system allowing to reproduce motor functions of the central nervous system via neuroprothesis. Those neuroprothesis aim to sequence and activate muscle selectivity and stimulation for neuro-injured people. This will enable them to recover their motor functions such as walking. The Kurage device offers two main applications, linked to several steps of patient care: “medical” rehabilitation during patient care in rehabilitation centers and “sport, well-being, reathletisation” when the patient goes back home. We aim to give mobility back to “hemiplegic” people and integrate it in their care pathway.

Med In Town

Med In Town is a start-up whose aim is to make a solution of In Situ polymer Medical Devices production (obtained by additive manufacturing) available to health facilities. The Micro-Factory is a production solution allowing the transformation of digital files into usable devices in the operating room. This industrial, movable, duplicable and fully validated solution enables the secure production of referenced medical devices on the virtual library. The range of medical devices expands from anatomical model to chirurgical guide, including nasopharyngeal swabs. With our manufacturer partners, we are able to provide standard solutions as if they were customised. We wish to develop proximity production applied to health service, while respecting high requirements of the medical industry and a circular economy approach.


Lumeen is an innovative medical device which uses virtual reality for social and therapeutic purposes for dependant elderly people. Our immersive mediation device enables the elderly to escape for a short moment by swimming with dolphins, contemplating the Northern Lights, crossing Provence, revisit a neighbourhood etc. Those privileged moments improve well-being and calm seniors. They create social link, fight against anxiety and facilitate reminiscence and cognitive stimulation. Virtual reality has proved its efficiency in a lot of clinical testing for more than 30 years. We adapt our technology to the needs and uses of the sector by making it simple and accessible. In one year, we have equiped more than 150 EADOP (Establishment of Accommodation for Dependant Old Persons), autonomy residences and NHCS (Nursing Home Care Services), located in France. We design and evaluate our programs with French UHC (University Hospital Center) such as Hospices Civils de Lyon and Paris hospitals. Today, we open to other publics and aim to become the leader of new immersive therapies  on the market.


Grapheal is a spin-off of CNRS-Grenoble, specialized in embedded biosensors and wereables paired with mobile technologies for on-sites diagnostics and remote monitoring of patients. Based on an innovative technology with biocompatible and flexible graphene biosensors, those two products under development are an electronic wound patch and a digital Covid-19 screen test.


Healshape is a regenerative medicine company which develops products for breast reconstruction for women who went through a mastectomy following breast cancer. Healshape developped a personnalized bioprothesis, made of resorbing biomaterials from natural origin. This bioprothesis is implanted in the patient with lipolifting (transfer of her own fat tissues) in order to retrieve the volume and shape of the nipple. The bioprothesis disappears after several months, once the tissue has regenerated thanks to the patient cells that were injected in.