Médi'Nov Connection 2021


Christelle DOËN


Directrice Associée


CDHC (CD Healthcare Consulting) is an agency that specializes in market access for medical devices. Our clients include startups, SMEs, mid-sized companies, and large international companies involved with cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, dermatology, neurology, hemostasis, and radiology. Their products cover a broad spectrum, including implantable devices, connected devices, invasive or non-invasive high-tech devices, and diagnostic or therapeutic devices. Based in Lyon and Paris, France, to ensure local contact for our clients and partners throughout the country, CDHC offers recognized expertise based on the unique and complementary nature of its teams and partners. French and international markets for medical devices are highly specific, given the regulatory and legislative context, as well as the unparalleled solvency of companies in the sector. Nonetheless, it is a fast-growing market that requires major investment and relatively long development periods. CDHC seeks to address these specific issues by leveraging complementary expertise, thus enabling companies in the medical device (MD) industry to pursue high-growth development strategies.

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