Médi'Nov Connection 2021


Julien PAYEN




LATTICE MEDICAL was founded in October 2017 from 6 years of research in Lille Hospitals with the idea to create a new paradigm in the field of breast reconstruction after cancer. LATTICE MEDICAL develops MATTISSE, the first fully degradable 3D printed breast implant allowing a natural and custom breast reconstruction in a single and simple surgery. MATTISSE technology uses a Tissue Engineering Chamber (TEC) implanted in the former breast and made of 3D printed biocompatible and bioabsorbable polymer. MATTISSE regenerate autologous adipose tissue from three to eight months and fully degrade after twelve months. Woman has recovered a full breast in a year, and implant has disappeared. No more risk with long term silicone implant, full recovery with natural tissues. The company is at preclinical stage, and have implemented a full production process with 3D printing farm in clean room (ISO 13485) and the biocompatibility analyses. LATTICE MEDICAL will enter into clinical trials next year with the ambition to get CE mark in 2025. The ambition is the replacement of Silicone-based implant by our technology in 2030 and represent 10% of the world breast implant market (1.4 B€ world market).

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